Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Love Hearing Her Giggle!

She's Walking!!! Wabbly, but Walking!!!

Crusie to Ensenada for Len's Birthday

Happy Birthday Len! Let's cruise to Ensenada. Len and I have never been on a cruise, so I decided to give it a try. And, yes, we took Scarlet!
When we got on the boat in Long Beach, this was the view from our window - the Queen Mary!
We boarded on Friday and woke up Saturday morning in Ensenada. Here, Scarlet is watching us come into port from our window.
She loves going on vacation. Honestly, she really understands it now that we have been on so many. On this one, she slept in her crib every night and every nap (twice a day) except for one nap, she needed to sleep in bed with me (but she still slept). Not such a bad deal! She also gets excited when she sees luggage and waits patiently in security lines and is very calm and sweet when going through metal detectors.

Do you see the Mexican flag in the background? She's an international traveler - with a passport!
She really liked the window.
It truly was a big boat. 13 stories. Oh - we're in Mexico here, by the way!

We toured this building. It was pretty.
Here is an island near La Bofadora - the Blowhole. There are only 3 blowholes in the world, and one is near Ensenada.

And here it is!

Near the blowhole is a market. We managed to get out with very little damage. But, we got Scarlet some sandals and some maracas. She held onto these maracas for a full 24 hours straight. She cried if we took them from her. But, eventually, the novelty wore off.

I just love seeing her sleep.
Here is the cruise ship Saturday night. What a beautiful sight!

On Sunday, we had a "fun day at sea." Scarlet loved walking around the ship...

We couldn't see any land at all on Sunday. It really was beautiful.
Even though food was available to us 24 hours a day (Len was in heaven), we also went to a sit down dinner every night. Our waiter was very sweet, from Macedonia. And Scarlet loved trying all kinds of new soups. After a while, though, I think she got tired of it all.
See, three soups to try...

Happy Birthday to you!!
Our steward made animals out of towels for us each night - to add that special touch. It was cute!
Here's our room - not bad, huh? Around the corner on the right was Scarlet's crib - an actual crib, not a playpen. To the right was the bathroom.
This was the "aviary." It was very surreal to be onboard.
And Monday morning, we were back in Long Beach and all of us were ready to head home.

Happy Birthday Babies!!!

When you join a mom's group, you get the love and support from women who are in the same stage of life as you. You get to watch your babies grow together. You get to watch the milestones happen in all of them around relatively the same time. AND, you get to go to a bunch of birthday parties around the same time of year because they are all about the same age! So, we are one baby away from them all being 1 year old! Scarlet was the first, and then Zachary. Here's his:

And here's Thomas'. But, that's all I got! I think I was pictured out...

But Scarlet LOOOVES these parties!

Weekend Getaway to Seattle, Washington

So, the weekend before school started, I decided to put our family on a plane and go to Seattle! I wasn't totally crazy (only a little), since we had friends who were only going to be there for two more weeks. So, we headed up to see them and their babies. It was Molly and Alex - with their twin girls - who I have a link to their blog on mine. We met Molly and Alex on our trip to England when both Molly and I were pregnant. I really wanted to get all three babies together and it was a great opportunity. We really had a great time!

So, here is Scarlet on the plane. I would love to say these pictures are of her first plane ride, but since we went to Georgia... technically, this was her 4th plane, I think. She was an old pro!

Len got a little annoyed with me when I was taking this picture. He really wanted me to take the drinks and I was snapping away. You know how it is in those tight cramped planes!

What do you see?
She was a little tired.. and so were we!We had a stop over in San Francisco... So, we stretched our legs. She was also very busy practicing walking.

It was pretty late when we got there (I think it is about 10:00pm here when we are sitting down to dinner), but instead of fighting Scarlet to go to bed - we have learned to go with the flow on vacations - We were hungry and she was wide awake...

The next morning, we took a walk along the waterfront...
This is the original Starbucks.
Ah, Seattle!
And here they are!!! The girls... From left to right: Scarlet, Zoie, and Eliza.

And here we all are - Not the best picture, but it's the only one with all of us. It honestly is not easy to get a picture with three babies.
So, Molly and Alex were staying on the 19th floor of a beautiful apartment building overlooking the city and a slight view of the water. Scarlet LOVED looking out.

She also loved getting to know Zoie.
Ok girls, look at me.. on the count of three..
Look - over here, girls.
Hey.. Over here!!
There we are. I was so happy to get this picture.. All of them looking at least in my general direction.
Molly - you are an angel!
I love when Scarlet falls asleep anywhere when we are vacationing. I think it is so cute.
Here's the tallest building in Seattle. It's called the Columbia Center. Apparently it has a much better view of Seattle than the space needle, so Len wanted to go up it. On our climb up the street (Seattle is like San Francisco), we then discovered that they are only open during the week. Therefore, we couldn't go up.. I was relieved and he was disappointed, but surprised to find out I have a slight fear of heights.
My gosh, Molly, how do you do it???? It was dinner time for them and I was helping her hold them. What you don't see is Molly holding Scarlet while she balanced her jar of food for Zoie and Eliza.
Here we all are going on the Underground Tour.. What a sight!
Underground, both Len and Scarlet were mesmerized. Scarlet did pretty well, considering we were underground for an hour and a half (we came up to the surface maybe 3 times).
Scarlet's first ride on a monorail - we told her it was a train.
These is a view of Seattle from the Space Needle - and do you see the tall building? That's the one Len wanted to go up - thank goodness we were only there for the weekend!

I think Scarlet was a little overwhelmed.
But she loved the big fountain!!!
She really wanted to get down and crawl around. I wouldn't let her.
Gotta have the classic picture, right?
And here is my friend, Molly. We are talking about getting the babies together again in March - Len, Scarlet, and I are planning a trip to see them in Boston. I love traveling!